10 Stunning Art Hotels You Have to See to Believe

Art lovers rejoice! Gone are the days where great art could only be found hung in museums and displayed in art galleries. Today you can discover stunning art pieces and exhibits in your hotel lobby and even in your hotel room. Art Hotels are bringing together art and travel to create meaningful and unique experiences for their guests.

Destinations Unplugged has hand-picked 10 boutique art hotels from around the world, perfect for your next art-inspired getaway. Inspired designs, eclectic art pieces and exquisite architecture make these hotels a must for truly remarkable travel experiences.

 1. Gladstone Hotel

Where: Toronto, Canada

Price Range: $$

No two room are the same at the Gladstone Hotel. The 125-year-old building was given new life in 2004 when the owners began a restoration of the hotel, which included inviting local artists to compete to design new rooms around specific themes. Each of the Gladstone’s 37 rooms is a one-of-a-kind winning design proposal.Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

 2. Mona Pavilions

Where: Hobart, Tasmania

Price Range: $$$

Luxury accommodation pavilions overlooking the Derwent River in Tasmania, the contemporary living spaces at Mona Pavilions are styled to impress the art connoisseur. Each of the 8 pavilions is named after and feature works of highly reputed Australian artists, sourced from the world famous MONA art gallery in Hobart.

Mona Pavilions, TasmaniaMona Pavillions,Tasmania

3. The Malabar House

Where:  Kochi, India

 Price Range: $

 The Malabar House is intricately designed, seamlessly combining traditional and contemporary designs to create beautiful living spaces. Malabar House’s own curated art collection reflects Kochi’s modern artistic community. The boutique hotel also features contemporary art installations and a splendid open courtyard that makes for a magnificent experience.

 The Malabar House, Kochi

4. 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

Where: Bentonville, Arkansas

Price Range: $$

Upon arrival at 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville, don’t be surprised to be greeted by two dramatic (and awe-inspiring) art pieces. As a matter of fact, you will have the opportunity to discover art exhibits at every corner of this thought-provoking property. A chain of hotels created to celebrate the art of the 21st century, 21c has the rare distinction of being one of the only hotels in the world that have a museum as part of its property.

Hotel Musuem Bentonville, Arkansas

5. Hotel Du Petit Moulin

Where: Paris, France

 Price Range: $$$

Designed entirely by famed French fashion designer –  Christian Lacroix, Hotel Du Petit Moulin’s interiors are bold, stylish and simply unforgettable. Every room and floor is bursting with its own unique character and ambience. Expect the unexpected at Hotel Du Petit Moulin, located in the trendy Haute Marais.

Hotel Du Petit Moulin, Paris

Hotel Du Petit Moulin, Paris

6. Nilaya Hermitage

Where: Goa, India

 Price Range: $

Every one of Nilaya’s 11 rooms and 2 beautiful tents are uniquely designed and decorated around a specific theme of nature. Inspired by Moorish architecture and Arabian nights with Terrazzo floors, beautiful artwork and quirky antique furniture defining Nilaya Hermitage’s artistic character.

Nilaya Hermitage, Goa

7. The Cullen

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Price Range: $$

The Cullen is inspired by and named after the late Australian contemporary artist, Adam Cullen. This posh boutique hotel is daring & brash, featuring some of Cullen’s most bold artworks. Situated in the Prahran suburb of Melbourne, The Cullen has developed into one of the trendiest hotels in Melbourne.

The Cullen, Melbourne

8. Alstradt Vienna

Where: Vienna, Austria

Price Range: $$ 

Alstradt Vienna beautifully captures the artistic spirit of Austria. The hotel is home to hundreds of primarily Austrian art pieces, which breath life into the property. Alstradt even has a resident art manager on hand who provides tours to the hotel guests. Each of the hotel’s 45 rooms is decorated by talented Austrian designers and architects to reflect the city’s vibrancy. Based in the heart of the city’s cultural centre, one can’t help but feel inspired staying at this charming boutique hotel.

Alstradt Vienna

Alstradt Vienna

9. New Majestic Hotel

Where: Singapore

Price Range: $$$

New Majestic Hotel is Singapore’s first design hotel. A fusion of international designs with undertones of local Singaporean culture. This vintage palace features 30 individually designed rooms, decorated with original art pieces created by local Singaporean artists. New Majestic Hotel’s blend of modern and traditional concepts and styles make it one of Asia’s premier art hotels.

New Majestic Hotel, Singapore

10. Dune Eco Village and Spa

Where: Pondicherry, India

Price Range: $

Surrounded by and spread across nearly 35 acres of lush green fields, The Dune Eco Village & Spa in Pondicherry is a wellness retreat that has style. This eco-friendly property offers unique bungalows that take inspiration from traditional and contemporary architectural styles.The Dune Eco Village’s ‘Artists in Residence’ program provides work studios for artists from all around the world. Artists can live, work and discover India’s artists and craftsmen here.

Dune Eco Village and Spa, India

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