Destinations Unplugged is managed by a team of well-versed travel professionals who not only handle the basics of travel like ticketing, visas and hotel bookings but also work on fine tuning your journey by being with you “virtually” 24/7. This means we are accessible at all hours of the day and night to help change plans, speak to hotels for special needs if required or organise last minute ground transport, theatre tickets and even assist with meal reservations.

In short, we are a group of people who value being professional and thorough at no matter where you want to go, what you want to do and when you want to go – we are available always because each member of the Destinations Unplugged team love what they do!


The adjectives above are my “travel mantra” for any trip that I undertake. The origin of these come from my young years when I spent most of time buried in books while I transported myself into the land of fantasy that I was reading about; be it the Paris of “coiffeured and heavily perfumed women from the Vogue” parading down the Champs Elysees with designer parasols; the Swiss and their divine chocolates and cheese, Disneyworld with its’ famous “mouse and duck family” or Rajasthan where I instantly imagined I was as stunning as the late Gayatri Devi with her emeralds, rubies and diamonds!

As I grew older and I had the opportunity to travel I learnt to dream was just one small aspect of the “travel experience” and that out in our vast exciting world with its’ rapidly changing dynamics there was so much to experience, enjoy, explore and learn about. I saw as I went along the differences between cultures, the way people lived and celebrated as well as dealt with unfortunate experiences and even appreciated and enjoyed the smallest occurrences in their lives. I saw that there were civilizations far removed from ours, each with their own rules and nuances and this learning only enriched my experiences even further. I often looked into windows of passing homes and imagined what life inside was like; constantly fuelling my desire to learn more and more about other lifestyles.

My interest in learning and travel had me start an enterprise of my own which I called “Destinations Unplugged Travel Services Pvt Ltd.” Aimed at people from all walks of life, our purpose is to show people there is a large world out there different in numerous ways from ours in a way that suits them best so that as Lao Tzu says “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

DU, as we are called in short, intend to encourage people to travel, experience and enjoy in a way suitable to them and make their “travel experience a unique one.”