Iceland is one of the most popular choices for people who want the full northern lights experience. It is actually one of the biggest reasons for tourism in the country. The best time to see northern lights here is during the colder months, namely November to December. Make sure to dress warmly, as you won’t get to enjoy your northern lights experience as

Serene Villa
In the heart of Nuwara Eliya, lies the Serene Villa in all its glory, with its sprawling, luscious gardens and cascading landscape that makes for the perfect holiday setting. It’s beautifully designed, cozy interiors, beckon the traveler to indulge in every bit of finery a holiday has to offer. Be it a vacation with friends and family or the comfort soug

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you do not want to miss out on planning a visit to wildlife sanctuaries in India this winter. A time when safaris offer the best of experiences. If you are an animal lover and crave the experience of watching wildlife, there are some marvelous sanctuaries awaiting for you. Your winter vacation can become an adventure and ful

Go heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba
This one’s not for the faint of heart. Hanuman Tibba in Manali is the highest peak in the Dhauladhar range and offers powder snow which serves as a perfect gliding bed for heli-skiing. You’ll get awe-inspiring views from the chopper, and a rush of adrenalin as you make the leap and slide down the slope.

Located in the heart of New York City’s vibrant Theatre District, AKA Times Square features contemporary suites and newly reimagined penthouses with expansive living areas, gourmet kitchens, spa-like baths, and spectacular amenities including a striking bi-level penthouse lounge with rooftop deck, Technogym fitness center, media nook, and a gracious 24/7 R

Superbly situated just steps from Manhattan’s most iconic locations such as Central Park, MoMa, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center, AKA Central Park offers sophisticated hotel residences with spacious living rooms, full kitchens, and spectacular lifestyle amenities such as a private cinema, Technogym fitness center, European café, and a brand new evening r

Europe is the second smallest continent on the planet, after Australia, but what it lacks in dimensions it makes up for in beauty and splendor. Make a trip to such picture-perfect towns a priority on your bucket list. Their charming and breathtaking scenery will leave you in awe.

The Quiet By The River, just 29kms from Kochi airport in the heart of the dense Malayatoor forest. Situated on an island surrounded by the rippling Periyar, the Quiet has 4 cottages and 3 rooms. It is the ideal place to rest, relax and unwind whilst you are entertained by the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves and the gurgling of the Periyar… the pe

Hong Kong is a busy city of eight million inhabitants with one of the biggest hub airports in the world. It can be overwhelming for many visitors, especially those not used to crowded places. And, with so much to do here, one can scratch one’s head about where to start in order get the most out of the trip.
If you are looking at doing Hongkong & Macau

Weddings are fun, destination weddings are even better. You get to travel & witness a loved one’s special day, all together. Heading somewhere exotic to witness one of your favorite couples tie the knot? Make sure you’ve packed all the essentials for the ceremony, reception—and your own built-in mini-break! Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Planning a bachelorette is never easy! It took a year of planning & coordination between 7 girls to make our trip a success. End result, was an experience we will cherish and remember for the rest of my life.
Bali is called “The Island of The Gods,” and appropriately so with its scenic temples, beautiful beaches, infinity pools and food in abundanc

Finding the best flight deals is no longer about simply shopping around. Get the full facts about how to find the best deals from our industry experts and learn a few travel hacks to make sure you get a flight at a price that fits your budget.

A visit to Cambodia actually puts stark reality into new perspective. Quite unlike India, Cambodia seems to have locked itself into a terrifying time capsule. Here, time actually stands still watching the rest of us rush by.

If someone asked me to describe Istanbul I would not find enough adjectives to do justice to this amazing city. Built on seven hills with the Bosphorus on one side and the Maramara sea on the other, Istanbul to me is a blend of history, culture and ancient architecture with just the right touch of modernity that makes it “heartbreakingly charming.”

Named a World Heritage Site for its stunning natural beauty, Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is headquarters to Lower Subansiri District. Apatani Plateau, as Ziro is popularly known, is situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The region is rich in rice fields and it is surrounded by mountains that boast of pine trees in great numbers

With so many diverse cultures, traditions and religions, each day in India, a carnival gets celebrated in some part of the country with great pomp and show. Getting a glimpse of these festivals and fairs is not only an experience in itself but, also a memory to be cherished throughout your lives. Listed below are a few interesting ones that

We've all heard of the terms globetrotters, day trippers and wanderlust but have you heard of vagary, a solivagant or resfeber? Learning a new word is always thrilling and it would be an absolute dream to make these beautiful words a part of the everyday vocabulary.
Here are some words that every tra

Unplug yourself & reconnect with yourself, friends & family
Living in a city is exciting and enthralling but once in a while, the urban circus does get dull and boring. At times like these, all you want to do is escape. Poke your head out in the nature and let the green trees and blue sky recharge you.
Head over to Jhaveriwadi in Alibaug that lets you enjoy your much anticipated weekend break, amidst nature a

No place like Mumbai to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi
Anyone visiting Mumbai, should plan a trip when the city is celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. My city comes alive with colour and street processions, making it one of the most interesting occasions to see. So if you are planning to visit Mumbai sometime soon, then I recommend you to make it during this festival! Here are a few mandals that you must visi

Janmashtami, one of the most vibrant Hindu festivals is celebrated all over India in honor of the birth of one of the most loved deities - Lord Krishna. Celebrate Janmashtami with a twist by exploring different parts of India, where the festivities are celebrated with unmatched zeal & grandeur. Here are a few destina

See the Great Giants Up & Close
Facing my phobia by going shark cage diving in Gansbaai profoundly changed my perspective on the most misunderstood of marine giants: the great white shark. While some might dismiss shark cage diving as an adrenalin rush, I was overwhelmed instead by peace. This is a call to all adventure-seekers! Journey to the tip of Africa, dip your toe in the Atlantic wa

Celebrate Rome like a Local
The privilege of staying with locals when visiting any foreign city is without doubt the best way to learn its rhythm and feel its heart. I had the pleasure of n with dear friends during my too short stay in The Eternal City, and it was divine. During the day I would make due on my own as I plotted my course on the tourist circuit and in the evening I would

Beat the heat, dive below the surface
While summer in Panama City Beach is a great time to be by the water or on the water, it's an even better time to be under the water...swimming down and getting to know the secrets of life below the water's surface - that's what SCUBA diving is all about.
Combine the excitement of authentic Mardi Gras celebration with the spectacul

Europe’s Best Kept Secret
Imagine a land where time stands still, so peaceful and lush, where you can escape from everything and rejuvenate your soul amongst dramatic landscapes. The World’s favourite unspoiled island destination by National Geographic Traveler, the Faroe Islands have to be experienced to be believed. The Faroe Islands hold an aura and fascination for everyone who

Kaleidoscope Wandering
A stay in one of the leading hotel chains in the land of biryani? Count me in! It’s not every day that you get to visit Taj Falaknuma Palace and feel like a royal in the former residence of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Falaknuma. The word literally translates to “like the sky”. When Nawab Vikar-Ul-Umra built this palace in 1884 his intention was to create a

An Incredible Escape
To start the year of on a tasty note, my destination was Glenburn Estate in the Darjeeling district of India. Glenburn in Darjeeling,West Bengal -The Honeymooner's Paradise. I was in anticipation of many things. Green everywhere, mountains with cloud hats, tea gardens carpeting the rolling hills, waterfalls as embelishments, blue sky, cool breeze, hot green


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