5 Unconventional Wildlife Experiences

The fast-paced advancements in today’s world have allowed us to connect with nature on an intimate level. We are now able to engage with wildlife and marine life more personally than ever before. It’s time to knock off a few adventures from your bucket list with some of the most thrilling activities nature has to offer. Destinations Unplugged brings you the most popular wildlife experiences in the most serene locations

1. Humpback Whale Boat Sighting in Reunion, Mauritius

Every northern hemisphere summer, pods of humpback whales move from their Antarctica feeding grounds to warmer, calmer climates for calving and raising their young until they are big enough to return to the ice. One of those sunny destinations is Reunion, a beautiful French territory near Mauritius. For five days you will be going on an exclusive boat trip where guests will be going to sea along with members of a French whale research foundation. A trained guide will take you underwater with these giants of the sea to ensure you have an enriching one-on-one experience with them!

2. Feeding Elephants at The Elephant village in Jaipur, India

Surrounded by the Aravali mountain ranges, the elephant village in Jaipur provides proper shelter & water facilities to families who take care of elephants along with providing a natural habitat for these majestic animals. Additionally, the location of the village makes for a great travel opportunity. A day with elephants includes the opportunity to understand the elephants and their keepers. It gives you an opportunity to connect with elephants on a personal level through cooking and feeding these majestic animals.

3. Panda Gazing at Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre in Sichuan, China

The Chengdu research base of Giant Panda Breeding has been created to ensure that pandas have the best possible environment for rearing and breeding. The giant pandas are not only a Chinese national treasure but are also beloved by people around the world. In total there are fewer than 2,000, of which 70% are distributed within the territory of the Sichuan Province and the rest are found in the Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.  You can have the luxury of being amongst China’s national animal and learn more about the exotic breed only at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre.

4. Shark cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa

Experience the once-in-a-lifetime adrenalin rush at the Great White Shark Capital of the world, Gansbaai. This small town is the best place to come eye-to-eye with the world’s apex predator, the Great White Shark. They visit the shores twelve months of the year and allow you to have the chance to encounter them, creating the best diving experience! You don’t require any diving experience whatsoever to go down in the cage as all equipment will be supplied to give you the ultimate comfort. Due to the abundance of sharks, there is a 99.9% guarantee that you will see at least one Great White. Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa will give you an assured experience of a lifetime to help you uncover the mysteries about the elusive Great White.

5. Engaging with Olive Ridley turtles at Kolavipalam beach in Kerala, India

The Kolavipalam turtle beach is known for the famous Olive Ridley turtles located south of the Murad River. These turtles are endangered and come out during turtle season in September when you can see the turtles visiting the beach. The children of the area are heavily involved in taking care of these rare turtles. The local population has grown to work together and protect the turtles and create a change in the industrial activities to ensure their eggs are safe. It is definitely an enticing experience to engage with the Olive Ridley turtles, knowing that the community works towards its conservation.

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