Christmas Experiences You Can’t Miss This Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s no better way to spend it than traveling to a beautiful, snow-covered destination that will allow you to experience the festive season to its fullest. From bright fairy lights that bestow local streets to delectable holidays treats that can be found around the corner, there is an intangible sense of festivity and joy that defines Christmas. Destinations Unplugged has curated a list of unique once-in-a-lifetime Christmas experiences perfect for your next festive getaway.

Stroll Through Christmas Markets in Germany

Sizzling sausages, mulled wine and warm gingerbread means it is Christmas market season in Germany! The traditional festivities of Christmas Markets are deeply interwoven into the cultural fabric of Germany. From Nuremberg to Hamburg and from Dresden to Cologne, the weeks leading up to Christmas witness the transformation of local town squares. Festively decorated huts and stalls feature handcrafted goods, delicious German food and wine take over the streets of Germany.

Relish Christmas Dinner at Weikersdorf Castle in Austria

Soak up the holiday spirit with a 4-course traditional Austrian Christmas Eve dinner at Weikersdorf Castle. Led by a local guide, the tour takes guests from the capital city of Vienna to a Renaissance-era hotel in the Austrian Alps to enjoy four courses of traditional specialties, accompanied by local wine and music. The night is finished off at the Church of St Christopher to experience a lovely Christmas midnight mass.

Chase the Northern Lights in Iceland 

If you want to celebrate Christmas amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then watching Northern lights in Reykjavik, Iceland is the perfect Christmas experience for you! The particular phenomenon can be experienced in the stunning Scandinavian country of Iceland during the months October to March, especially on  clear, crisp nights, where they appear in a variety of colours and intensity, either twirling gently in shades of milky green, or occasionally blazing in a wild and multi-coloured dance across the night sky.

Attend Midnight Mass with the Pope in Vatican City

Christmas is a magical time of year by itself.  If you add the surronding Italian landscape to that mix, it becomes a fairy-tale. While Vatican City offers an eternal list of festive celebrations, seeing the Pope present his Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican is at the top of every list. Held inside St. Peter’s Basilica, the midnight mass is a sight to behold, with tourists from around the world huddled together to watch the Pope deliver the most-watched mass in the world! Regardless of religion, it is a special occasion that spreads unity and peace.

 Spend a Warm Christmas in Australia 

You won’t need your woolen scarves and gloves in Australia this festive season! While residents in the northern hemisphere spend Christmas hiding away indoors because of the freezing weather, an Australian Christmas is synonymous with outdoor dining, swims in the ocean and a warm, summer breeze. Temperatures can soar but if you love warm weather and want to celebrate Christmas at a sunny beach for a change, Australia is the place for you.

Meet Santa Claus at Santa Village in Finland

Visit the quaint town of Lapland where Santa Claus allegedly lives! You can arrive here in a real sleigh and spend time shopping in the brightly lit markets, having a cup of delicious Finnish coffee and paying Santa a visit. As a part of this unique adventure, do head to Spitsbergen, a destination where there are more polar bears than humans!

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